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Laura Ashley plc is a British textile design company now controlled by the MUI Group of Malaysia. It was founded by Bernard Ashley, an engineer, and his wife Laura Ashley in 1953 then grew over the next 20 years to become an international retail chain. Sales totalled over £276 million in 2000. Its products can be described as quintessentially English. On 17 March 2020, the company filed for administration.

User "nisha j" wrote a negative review on the "TripAdvisor" website, calling Laura Ashley "Criminals" in June 2020:

"Criminals! Taking money off people, knowing the orders will not be fulfilled. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! Bought furniture for £2000 in February. I was assured all is well and it has been fulfilled. Then they sent a blunt letter saying they will not fulfill my order, therefore I need to apply for section 75. I paid by cash which means I won't be getting my money back. Realizing I may never be able to claim, I asked if I can have the furniture that is still selling on their website. To my surprise, I was told I cannot swap for that furniture. So they have my money and won't send me the furniture that I ordered, but happy to sell what's on the website to others? How are these criminals being allowed to trade still? Shocking. I have lost all respect for the company and will never buy from them again ever. They have lost loyal customers as I, my mother-in-law, my mother and our friends. We will never buy from them and many people neither won't by what I have read. They have treated loyal customers appallingly. Shame on you Laura Ashley!"


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Xiyun Ma says

"Ordered a sofa £1000 before March, no delivery, no refund. Claimed via pwc but was told that I can only have less than £200 back in total ! Who can protect customers’ right ? Please, I need some suggestions to claim my £1000 back! Contact me:"

Ben Pattison says

"Laura Ashley was once a great brand! Not anymore and sad that they close on this stain to their business. I’ve purchased quite a lot from Laura Ashley in the past few years but I have to admit you can purchase non branded items of similar quality for half the price today. Due to this I’m not surprised they have gone under. I would ask everyone to be cautious of buying anything in their sale or not to purchase at all. I purchased a bed set (duvet cover and pillow cases) which was of premium cost. The item was purchased from the Newbury Laura Ashley store a few weeks ago. When I opened the item both the duvet cover and pillow cases not only had physical damage to them but the duvet cover also had stains on. The store was blatantly repackaging damaged goods and selling them on to the public. On the 26th Aug 20 I tried to take the item back to the Reading branch of Laura Ashley which was still trading. The manager of the store told me she could not take any items back due to the business going into closure. Even after explaining that legally they should be taking back goods sold damaged goods by law she refused to do anything about it. She stated Laura Ashley had stipulated that even items knowingly sold damaged by themselves (which is of course illegal and immoral) could not be bought back. Laura Ashley have shown that clearly they deserve not to be trading in the UK. I have now taken this up with my bank."

Ms C, Warwickshire says

"Dreadful service at the Rugby store ... rude, obnoxious women on the door treated me like a child as she apparently HAD to watch me apply their hand sanitiser (I mean clearly we can’t be trusted like most other stores but it was a cheap brand that’s full of nasty chemicals so I used my own). I needed a refund and the salesman was equally rude and unhelpful telling me I couldn’t have a refund but not explaining why until I pressed him for an answer. I didn’t realise they weren’t giving refunds or exchanges at this stage. Furthermore like most posts on here it arrived far too late and I’d gone elsewhere because they didn’t send me any correspondence to update me on my order. Now I’m stuck with a duvet set for a client I don’t need. With this type of customer service it’s easy to see why they are no longer in business and with rude, obnoxious, unhelpful staff who were also more than happy to carry this on as I left the store it’s clear they don’t value their jobs anymore."

Sophie says

"Does anyone know who used to manufacture Laura Ashley beds? I ordered a super king Laura Ashley bed back in January, obviously it never arrived even though LA kept telling me they would fulfil all existing orders for ages. Now trying to do a section 75 claim to get my money back as bought on a LA store card. Really struggling to find an alternate retailer to buy a fabric buttoned bed. Any recommendations?"

Ruth B says

"Appalling service even though I know they’re in administration. Was willing to be patient but ... Ordered a lampshade in June. Waited a few weeks and heard nothing. Then my husband took delivery of a pair of curtains destined for another customer in Edinburgh (I live in London). No lampshade. Thankfully the customer in Edinburgh had received my lampshade and had the idea of contacting me via Facebook as my name was on the order slip. We didn’t want to simply exchange as though the lampshade is light the curtains are really heavy and I didn’t want to pay the postage as I was not confident I’d get my money back for it. After several holding replies from Laura Ashley I have just been told they won’t do anything about it as they aren’t processing refunds or exchanges! So we’ll have to exchange the items at our own expense. Had the other customer not contacted me neither of us would have ever received the goods we ordered. I’m sorry for the people who have lost their jobs, but it’s also not fair to cheat customers of their orders. I wouldn’t recommend anyone buy anything from them certainly via the website."

Mrs Diane Long says

"I only gave one star as I couldn’t give a minus ... ordered TWO pairs of curtains and was charged for both, however only received ONE pair , I sent numerous emails asking for the outstanding pair or a refund and guess what -NOTHING . I have been a customer for years and this is how we get treated -disgusting !!!"

customer says

"Appalling customer service - Laura Ashley are no longer accepting vouchers. This was purchased as a present for my mother who can't use it either in store or online. They aren't even refunding me for it!! They take forever to reply to emails, and when they do, it's a vague response with no solution or explanation as to why they cannot process a refund. Really disappointed in them and was not expecting this kind of service"

MarkThomas says

"Two weeks ago Laura Ashley's online shop went wrong and made me pay for two orders instead of one via PayPal. Despite over ten emails to the company (and responses!), they have refused to refund the second order, and have even Photoshopped a fake screenshot of a supposed PayPal refund transaction and sent it to me. I've had to take this issue of fraud to the police. I'll update here when I have more news."

Anthony Webb says

"Terrible waiting for an on line delivery. Possibly worse company I have dealt with"

fiona boyd says

"I received my order yesterday and 2 buttons were missing and the stitching has come undone, it's obviously been a return which has been sent out to me, it is not able to be worn as it's so badly damaged, there's no way to return the item, no response from any emails and I am at a loss what to do. I've paid a lot of money for something I cannot wear, I feel cheated and out of pocket"


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